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Summer Is Coming - We Have 7 Apps To Heat Things Up

The summer months are the perfect time to get away from the grind for a bit and embark on new, exciting adventures. But before you hit the beach or hiking trail, you’ll want to make sure you have the right apps in tow. These seven apps are just what you need to make this a summer to remember.


Use the app to find trails near you where you can hike, bike, or run — all filtered according to trail length, level of difficulty, and user rating. You can find popular trails in countries around the world, so you’re always in the know when you’re abroad. There’s even a way to search for trails that are kid- or dog-friendly.

AutoResponder for Slack

You’re at the beach, the waves are lapping gently at the shore. There’s a breeze in your hair and a cold drink in your hand — and your phone is buzzing nonstop with Slack messages from coworkers. Ladies and gentlemen, we’re adding the AutoResponder app into this round-up so you can actually unplug. It’s as easy as setting up an old-fashioned out of office email message — but it covers all the bases so you can just jet right off for some much-needed R&R.

Cozi Family Organizer

Summertime. Time to relax and unwind. Just kidding — that’s a pipedream for busy families where everyone is going in a different direction every day. That’s where Cozi comes in. Keep track of summer camps, vacation dates, off-routine work schedules, and the first day of school all in one place that the whole family can see.


Sometimes the greatest adventures are right in your backyard. Embark on these adventures using the Geocaching app! Geocaching uses GPS technology to take the traditional scavenger hunt to a whole new level. Just create an account, use the app to find a geocache (a special container placed in a hidden place), then sign the logbook in the container to prove you actually found the geocache. How many can you find?


Lime, which started in 2017 with its line of regular bicycles (LimeBike), has increased its personal mobility fleet with the addition of the Lime-S electric scooter. Since they are powered by a rechargeable battery, you can feel good using them to scoot around the city to explore new places. In fact, over its lifetime, Lime has kept a total of 6,220 metric tons of carbon emissions out of the atmosphere — that’s the equivalent of about 211,480 65-pound Golden Retrievers.


Vacations are your chance to rest and recharge — so why do they always begin with a seemingly endless wait in a chaotic airport terminal? LoungeBuddy solves this problem, helping air travelers easily find and book access to premium airport lounges worldwide. So why not kick off your next trip with a calming wait in your very own airport oasis?

Zombies, Run!

Looking to shake up your workout routine this summer? Get moving with the Zombies, Run! app where every run is a new “mission” to save humanity. All the good stuff like your distance and time are tracked — and even backed up to the cloud — but you can also customize a playlist of your favorite hard-driving, zombie-bashing songs.

There you have it: the seven hottest apps to get your hands on now. Get psyched, because with these apps, nothing can stand in the way of you having a totally awesome summer.

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