Treehoppr Breaks Ground in Employee Wellness Industry

New online platform offering employee travel benefits aims to reshape organizational recruitment and retention

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA -- December 4, 2017 -- Treehoppr, a young startup born in Boston, MA, announced today that it has released its online platform, which allows organizations to easily and cost-effectively offer travel benefits to employees.

The company works with businesses to incorporate travel benefits - trip planning tools, automated savings plans, prepaid travel cards and more - into employee compensation packages. The new online experience will help management teams and employees effectively plan for and utilize paid time off (PTO) while also encouraging social interactions between co-workers, using travel as a common interest to strengthen relationships within organizations.

Treehoppr began as a senior business project for CEO & Founder, Kevin Corliss, at Northeastern University. Since founding the company in April 2017, Corliss has moved it to Silicon Valley and brought on five additional team members, four of whom are also Northeastern graduates.

“Our goal when we founded Treehoppr was to help people travel more," said Corliss. "People always seem to be happier when they travel. As we delved into the hesitations that people have toward taking trips, we found that workplace culture is a major factor. There’s a stigma surrounding paid time off, uncertainty around how much you’re allowed to take and how it will reflect on your work ethic. We’re seeing a crisis of overworked and under-vacationed employees as a result. Offering unlimited PTO will not solve the problem; our platform will.”

Americans consistently fail to take earned paid time off, collectively leaving 662 million vacation days unused in 2016, according to research by the US Travel Association’s Project: Time Off released earlier this year.

“American vacation usage has declined dramatically over the last 17 years, and it’s a problem that affects business performance just as profoundly as it does individual employees," said Katie Denis, Vice President of Project: Time Off. "Programs that inspire more vacation usage are an important part of the solution.”

The Treehoppr team reports that in addition to fracturing the paid time off stigma, their platform will serve as a strategic hiring tool for employers. Co-founder and CTO, Doug Franklin, explained further:

“With Treehoppr, a recruiter can walk into an interview and say ‘We offer travel benefits that other companies do not. We actively invest in you traveling the world.’ Think about the generation of professionals coming into the workplace and how that message resonates. Millennials are obsessed with travel, obsessed with experiences. Finding ways to incorporate those values into company culture can only enhance your recruitment efforts.”

About Treehoppr
Founded in April 2017 by six travelers navigating the corporate world, Treehoppr is dedicated to bringing life back into the office through adventure and exploration, to ending the stigma surrounding paid time off, and to positively impacting employee wellness, productivity, and retention. Treehoppr's innovative travel benefits platform - which helps employees save for, plan, and book their dream vacations - is raising the bar for employee wellness programs and paving the way for new organizational recruitment strategies.