Introducing Treehoppr's Newest Advisor - Adele Rom of Clique Brands

We are so thrilled to announce that we have decided to invite Adele Rom, the Chief People Officer at Clique Brands, to join the Treehoppr family as our newest advisor!

Adele has been a leader and strategic partner for 20+ years within the People & Culture space at numerous "Best Places to Work" organizations. She has held a variety of global HR leadership roles focused on leading the optimization of talent, organizational culture, performance and virtually all other areas of People Operations. Prior to joining Clique Brands, she held leadership positions at Hasbro, Riot Games, Reformation, TFG and JP Morgan Chase. She is a portfolio advisor with PeopleTech Partners and is an active mentor and advisor with the Women’s Founders Network.

Adele will be a key cog in growing the Treehoppr brand and product-line moving forward. As such, we thought it'd be fun to do a quick Q&A with her, so that our customers and investors can get to know her better. Cheers!


Get to Know Adele

Question: Tell us a little bit about yourself - your passions, your interest in HR and your career path to date.

Answer: At my core, I’m a servant leader, a problem solver and a cultural anthropologist. I’ve spent about 20+ years in a variety of global HR leadership roles that have been focused on leading the optimization of talent, organizational culture, performance and all aspects of people operations (HR). From Talent Acquisition to Leadership Development to Compensation & Benefits and everything in between. As a CPO, I have been an internal member and advisor to a number of C-suite teams and have been accountable for the hands on design and delivery of a large portfolio of programs and solutions across small, mid and large global organizations.

A little about my personal life: I'm a Pacific Northwest native, a Southern California transplant, a lover of life and of the outdoors. I aspire to live life as a global citizen, committed to environmental and social responsibility. I'm a skier, avid sports fan, traveler, and sushi seeker. I have an appreciation for beautiful design, bold ideas, meaningful conversation and confident authenticity. I’m also a dog lover who can regularly be found spoiling my plump and incredibly lovable pug.

Question: You've spent a lot of time advising other start-ups like Treehoppr. Can you touch on that experience?

Answer: I am highly involved in an number of professional advisory groups. I’m a portfolio advisor and the L.A. Chapter Lead for PeopleTech Partners. Where I serve as a formal advisor to emerging companies focused on technology services and products that enable organizations for success. I am also a member and advisor with The Women’s Founders Network, an organization that is focused on providing capital and mentorship to female start- ups.

Question: What are some of the biggest challenges that you see impacting the workplace today?

Answer: Today’s workforce is moving faster than ever. It’s more geographically dispersed than ever and in some ways it’s unhealthier than ever. It is no secret that companies have recognized this issue and are making material investments in wellbeing programs, management practices, rewards programs and company cultures that enable healthy employees.

Question: How does Treehoppr, and PTO Ninja in particular, fit into the future of work and start solving some of those challenges?

Answer: PTO Ninja (Treehoppr) essentially creates a vehicle to facilitate proper internal communication lines and HR system integration points that increase internal productivity (ie. communications, OOO planning) and also creates transparency across fast moving agile work environments. Bottom line is that it helps make intact and cross functional teams more effective and helps empower the employee to unplug while on PTO.

Question: What is it about paid time off (PTO) that particularly interests you?

Answer: Since PTO is one of the most costly benefits, it’s critical that there are robust tools around it. It's critical that companies can measure its ROI. I’ve had significant experience designing and managing time off programs in each company I’ve been with. Both on the functional leader level (heading comp and benefits) as well as on the delivery/consulting side i.e. HRBP role. I’ve seen first hand what works and doesn’t work and how the needs of the employees are ever changing. Unlimited PTO in particular is a space that I have been deeply embedded in for the past 5 years. It is a philosophical concept that has been flush with lessons learned and surprising findings both at the administration level and at the cultural and performance levels of the organization.

Question: What convinced you to join the Treehoppr team?

Answer: Two things. The founders and the problem the product is solving. These are the two most important elements and the primary reason for me joining. Treehoppr is creating a tangible solution to an internal people operations challenge at the majority of today’s organizations.

Question: How excited are you to be the newest advisor?!

Answer: Over the moon! :)

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